Saturday, September 19, 2015 from 12pm-10pm
Intersection of Granville and Glenwood Avenues

Don't miss the St. Gert's GRalley at the intersection of Granville and Glenwood Avenues – the “alleys” of St. Gertrude's Parish. This one-day event welcomes up to an estimated 5,000 Chicagoans. Folks from Edgewater and neighboring communities, including Andersonville, Rogers Park, Uptown, and Lincoln Square are ready for all the fun.

The countdown is on

A full line-up of bands, including:

Canasta  ✶  Benny Bassett Music  ✶  SAYERS  ✶  Idle Spies  ✶  Thomas Pace  ✶  Strange Faces  ✶  Arcari  ✶  The Clam Band

Other entertainment by:

Ben Barnes Magic  ✶  Wheel Jam  ✶  Quest Theatre  ✶  Merry Music Makers  ✶  Dream Big  ✶  Raven Theatre  ✶  The Runaway Circus  ✶  Manny J Perryman

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